Protecting Our Natural Legacy

We can count on Heather to take on climate action and to hold Minnesota accountable to reduce greenhouse emissions by investing in wind power and solar energy, and by turning mass transit into green transit (electric vehicles). States like California have reduced dependency on fossil fuels, while creating economic and health benefits for its communities. Minnesota can and should do the same!

Heather was proud to be one of the first supporters of Edina’s solar garden. She spent countless hours gathering community support and personally enlisted neighbors and community members to subscribe.  

With this experience, at the State Capitol Heather will:

  • Support legislation that promotes the use of renewable energy.
  • Advocate for infrastructure that can protect Minnesota’s natural resources, like more efficient water treatment facilities, along with transportation and energy infrastructure that supports alternative fuels and electric vehicles.
  • Ensure that Minnesota’s tax policy encourages investment in businesses with a carbon neutral footprint or that embrace renewable energy.