High Quality Education for Every Child

Heather knows firsthand that a high quality public education is the pathway to opportunity for all. She was the first person in her family to graduate from college, later earning a Masters degree. Now, serving on the Edina Education Fund and the PTO Executive Board for an Edina elementary school, Heather has seen the challenges faced by both the Edina public schools and public schools throughout Minnesota. 

She has helped to raise private funds for Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM), innovation and financial literacy programs in Edina’s schools. Heather has been a leader in our community by helping to pass referendums, and leading public service initiatives at our schools. She has also advocated to amend State policy to provide more access to after school programming for special needs students. 

With that experience, at the State Capitol Heather will:

  • Work to increase per pupil funding so that all students are ready to thrive in a global economy. Some of this cost can be offset through partnerships with our business community, leveraging our regional economy to make investments in our schools. 
  • Expand financial literacy curriculum to teach skills that foster greater independence and self-responsibility at an early age.
  • Establish voluntary, universal Pre-Kindergarten in every school district. 
  • Advocate for Minnesota’s teachers and students. She will support Minnesota’s teachers and their ability to foster learning and critical thinking through age-appropriate discussions of social issues in a supportive, educational context. 
  • Work with community leaders and legislators to cap tuition increases at Minnesota’s public universities and advocate for increased loan forgiveness for students who make a commitment to public service and work in underserved communities.